Access control mounted cables make installation easy

With the growing concern for personal safety as more people return to the workplace, our access control cables can add value to your security solutions.

Specifically, our composite access control cables are manufactured with ease of installation in mind. Lower installation costs are achieved by eliminating assembly procedures and the need to pull individual cables, saving time and money for installers and customers alike.

21055 - Access Control Composite Cable Bulletin WPW-APR8-V1(1)_Page_1_Image_0002Furthermore, our studies have shown that our non-laminated veneer (PD) design can reduce installation costs by more than 30%. We achieve these savings because the PD composite has an outer diameter (OD) that is 9% smaller than conventional ODs. this feature:

Improves bend radius by 11%, speeds up installation time, and allows smaller ducts to be used

Other key features and benefits include:

Large standard offerings with Spline, AWG and Shield options reduce waste with sequential shot markings that show how much cable is remaining at 500 or 1,000 feet. Color-coded reel cables reduce installation errors and rework and proven breakout versatility from cables being plugged into a junction box or rerouted to a termination point

If with all the features and benefits described you are still wondering about the reliability of our installed access control cables, you should know that they have a 10-year warranty to protect your investment.

To see product specifications and whether our composite access control cables are right for your application, view this easy-to-read table.

Access control permission

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