How much will electrical inspections cost in 2024? -Forbes Home

You can break down the cost of your home’s electrical inspection by considering the type of inspection, the age of your home, the size of your home, and your location.

Type of electrical examination

Different electrical inspections have different costs ranging from $0 to $500. Code compliance inspections often cost nothing if your electrician repairs your home’s electrical system, complete home inspections cost up to $500, and general electrical inspections fall to about $100.

Age of the house

Older homes usually have more problems than newer homes with electrical systems. Old wiring may need replacing, electrical panels or fuse boxes may have exceeded their amps, electrical outlets may not be properly grounded, and many other older coding issues may make an older home take much longer to evaluate.

House size

For a reason similar to the age of your home, larger homes also take longer to diagnose, leading an electrician or inspector to charge you more for your 2,000-square-foot home than they would for a small home of less than 1,000 square feet.


Homes in remote rural areas may be difficult to access or far from where you are professionally located. Your home electrician or inspector may increase the cost of the inspection to accommodate travel expenses. Since electricians cost between $50 and $150 per hour, you may find hourly fees built into the total cost of the inspection if you live a certain distance away.

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