Best outlet location for motorized blinds

KB Electric LLC recently installed motorized blinds for a new client. In fact, the customer called to say that five electricians he called told him they couldn’t do this project. We were amazed, to say the least! Let’s learn what motorized blinds are, their different types, and the best location of outlets for hard-wired electric blinds.

Motorized blinds - installation Motorized blinds – installation

What are motorized blinds?

Motorized blinds, also known as electric blinds, are automatic window shades/blinds that lower and rise to open (also known as “lifting” for shades) or “tilting” to open (for blinds). Automatic control is triggered with the push of a button on the remote (or by voice control using something like Amazon’s Alexa). Electric blinds come in all different brands, styles, and colors to suit your specific home decor.

Electric curtain styles

Cellular shades (your traditional honeycomb look)PleetedRomanRoller

Types of motorized blinds

As mentioned earlier, motorized blinds use some type of remote control and/or voice-activated system to lower and raise. For this to happen, electric blinds come in different types of motors:

Battery Powered: Rechargeable battery (needs to charge within a few to six months, depending on brand) Plug to Wall Outlet Wired: Uses a low voltage system with a wall outlet and sometimes a wall switch as well, but requires a license and an insured electrician to install. SOLAR POWERED: Motorized canopy/curtain that uses the power of sunlight to open and close.

Benefits of motorized blinds

No dangling window blind cords for safety with children and pets. A great option for windows that are out of reach. You can control the opening and closing of your blinds from anywhere with a remote or voice-activated smart home system (think lying on your bed and being able to open them with the click of a button!) Various styles and colors to suit your home’s specific style and decor. Control natural lighting inside your home to save energy. They can be opened and closed even when you are not home. Security when connected to a smart app on your phone (depending on the specific type you choose).

Benefits of hardwired electric blinds

Not just because we’re electric, but KB Electric highly recommends wiring your motorized blinds for various reasons:

Aesthetically attractive (no exposed cords or cords!) No more worrying about recharging batteries. Can be controlled via a switch on the wall if preferred.

Best outlet location for motorized blinds

When choosing a hard-wired option for your electric blinds, the best placement for the motorized blinds outlet will be in your attic, or run on a line to a wall switch for control. The outlet in the attic or the line from the switch to the blinds will be connected to your main electrical panel on a dedicated line. If there is no attic, the next best place to install an outlet for motorized blinds would be at the top of the wall behind where the blinds are hung so they are hidden (think aesthetics!).

Licensed electrician to install motorized blinds

The best power option for motorized blinds or blinds is the hard-wired option. You don’t have to worry about battery charging or an unsightly dangling power cord. in KB Electric LLC, we offer top-notch electric blind installation for any and all types of motorized blinds. We are a fully licensed and insured, owner-operated business since 2004, family owned and operated with a faith-based practice. Contact us today! (267) 467-3178

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