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Ryan Electrical Solutions has built a solid reputation, providing residential and commercial electrical services, generators, and audio/visual systems. In business for nearly 30 years, the company has grown to 40 employees.

According to Anne Getz, whose father, Dennis Ryan, started the business in 1994, “When we ask new customers, they tell us what they hear are word-of-mouth reviews of good experiences.”

When thousands of Sangamon County residents were without power following severe storms earlier this year, Ryan’s generator division was very busy, with calls from customers desperate to get their homes and businesses back on track. Naturally, the idea of ​​adding gas or propane generators seemed an attractive solution.

“Some of the people who asked for an estimate didn’t realize that there are many factors that go into pricing standby generators,” Getz said. In addition to the size of the building, the necessary capacity is determined by the type and number of critical devices the user may want to power. “Many people do not realize that a generator is a machine like your car, which needs ongoing annual or semi-annual maintenance, such as changing the oil and updating and repairing parts on a regular basis,” she said.

In addition to electrical services for existing sites, Ryan offers specialized service in new construction, solar installations, home and functional theater systems, outdoor lighting, security cameras, structured cabling and data center construction.

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