Volvo CE introduces new electric construction machines

Alongside already introduced electric solutions such as the 23-tonne EC230 electric excavator and the EW240 Electric MH electric excavator, the company showcased a range of new battery-powered electric machines in Eskilstuna, Sweden. These include Volvo’s first electric wheeled excavator, the EWR150 Electric, as well as the L90 Electric and L120 Electric wheeled loaders, which will be phased in in limited quantities in selected markets from the start of 2025. Volvo CE is also offering the Mobile Power PU40 compact equipment storage system so Construction machinery can also be charged in remote locations without a power grid.

“Volvo Days demonstrates how far we have come on our electric mobility journey, from our first commercial launch in 2019 to the wide range of electric machines and charging solutions we offer today, amplified by our range of Intelligent digital tools. The steps we are taking in electrifying medium and heavy machinery are paving the way for more customers to decarbonize their operations and seize new business opportunities as communities around the world transition to a low-carbon future.

L120 electric forklift

New construction machinery in detail: The Volvo L120 Electric is the first wheel loader on the market with a lifting capacity of up to 6 tons, and is a valuable partner for many applications. These range from construction sites, ports and logistics hubs to waste management and recycling, urban infrastructure maintenance, agriculture and forestry.

For most light to medium tasks, the L120 Electric can run for a full day on a single charge, with 5 to 9 hours depending on the application and environment. When it needs to be plugged in, it can be charged from 10 to 100 percent in 1:40 hours using a 180 kW DC fast charger or the Volvo PU500 portable charger, and in 7 hours using a 40 kW DC portable charger suitable for overnight charging.

L90 electric forklift

As the first electric wheel loader in its class, the 15-ton L90 electric wheel loader is a versatile tool suitable for a wide range of tasks, according to Volvo CE. Like the L120 Electric, it not only has its own electric motors for the drive and hydraulics, so the full power of both systems is available but it also has quicker response and shorter cycle times than conventional models.

In the L90 Electric, this is mainly due to the transmission developed by Volvo, which is completely new and designed specifically for the electric platform, ensuring optimal energy efficiency. The driver can easily access functions and settings via the intuitive user interface, which integrates Volvo Assist and a reversing camera (where equipped). The L90 Electric lasts about 4-5 hours on most medium jobs and a full work day on light jobs.

Similar to its bigger brother, the L90 Electric’s electric drive motor reclaims energy by acting as a generator when braking, ensuring longer running time and longer brake life. It can be charged from 0 to 100% in approximately 70 minutes using a 150kW fast charger or PU500 mobile power unit, while the on-board AC cable allows a 6-7 hour charging time for overnight charging.

EWR150 wheeled excavator

Volvo CE wants to expand into a new segment with its EWR150 electric wheeled excavator. With the shortest tail swing in its class, it is a compact solution for use in city centers and tight spaces. Supported by a range of attachments, this multi-purpose machine is designed for a variety of applications in construction, road building, utility installation and landscaping. As a wheeled solution, it can move or move to the next job site quickly and carry all the tools it needs on a trailer, saving time and transportation costs.

While other manufacturers offer converted electric options for this type of machine, the EWR150 Electric comes fully electric from the factory – making it a more energy efficient solution than its competitors and resulting in a lower total cost of ownership. Modern batteries are equipped with a thermal management system that ensures they remain at the optimum temperature to ensure a long service life.

PU40 mobile power unit

Then there’s the Volvo PU40, a new 40 kWh mobile power unit. It’s small and portable (despite weighing 900kg) and can charge everything from Volvo compact electric machines to other electrical equipment on site, such as other brands of machinery and compact electric equipment such as drills and saws.

The PU40 can be charged via a low (6 kW AC) mains connection, helping to avoid peak load costs. Alternatively, fast charging is possible via a 17 kW DC charger. Volvo’s compact electric machines can be quickly charged via the built-in 17 kW DC charger or via a 3 kW AC socket. The AC socket can also be used to charge Volvo small electric machines and other electrical equipment.

“Thanks to the built-in 17 kW fast charger, the PU40 allows Volvo compact electric excavators to be recharged in less than an hour, or two hours in the case of Volvo electric compact wheel loaders. It is even possible to quickly charge small electrical appliances while simultaneously charging “Customers are able to recharge their devices quickly, knowing they are doing so in the most cost-effective way. Thanks to its compact size and light weight, the PU40 is easy to transport,” said Philipp Brykliaka, Product Manager for Charging Solutions at Volvo CE Throughout the construction site, for example wherever machines are located, they can be easily moved using Volvo L20 Electric and L25 Electric wheel loaders with pallet forks. (event), (bulldozer & excavator), (mobile power unit)

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