Governor Gianforte welcomes new businesses to Montana

The business relocations are expected to create 900 new jobs in Montana

Governor’s office

Helena, Mont. – In his State of the State address tonight, Governor Greg Gianforte announced the relocation or expansion of 15 companies to Montana that aim to create 900 new jobs in Montana.

“As we lead Montana’s comeback, we are creating an environment where businesses can thrive, create more good-paying jobs, and increase opportunity for all Montanans,” said Governor Gianforte. “There’s no doubt about it: Montana is open for business.”

“We have made Montana more attractive to innovative job creators, and they are investing in our state and our people,” Governor Gianforte continued.

Since the governor took office, 15 companies from a variety of sectors have officially announced relocation or expansion to Montana.

In his State of the State address, Governor Gianforte highlighted three of them, including Hyundai Motor Group, NextEra Energy Resources, and Tonix Pharmaceuticals, which are expected to create nearly 500 jobs combined.

Electrician 360, which trains more than 250 electrical contractors nationwide, has relocated from California to Florence, Montana.

“We chose Montana, and we plan to grow here,” said Jeff Goldalian, CEO of 360 Electrician. “Montana is a triple threat. You have a friendly working climate, you can be successful, and you can enjoy that success here too. The difference in Montana makes doing business that much better.

Avanti Helium, which focuses on the exploration, development and production of helium, has expanded its operations from Canada to Shelby, Montana.

Chris Packer, CEO of Avanti Helium, said, “We have found the business climate in Montana to be excellent. The communities have been welcoming and interactions with various government agencies have been reasonable, fair and efficient. The Treasure State will be pivotal to our future investment plans.”

Companies relocating to or expanding into Montana since January 2021 include:

The 360 ​​Electrician, Inc., a commercial and residential electrical contractor that also operates an online community that helps electricians across the country adopt best practices, has relocated from California to Florence and projects to create 10 jobs in Montana.

Amazon engages in the retail sale of consumer products and subscriptions through online and physical stores in North America and internationally. Amazon announced its first shipping and delivery facility in Montana in December 2022. With the new facility in Missoula, Amazon plans to create 140 jobs in Montana.

Avanti Helium in the Flathead region focuses on helium development and production across Western Canada and the United States. Avanti projects to create more than 20 jobs in Montana.

Berkshire Hathaway Energy provides energy to more than 12 million customers and end users across the United States, Great Britain and Alberta, Canada. The company will leverage Montana wind energy from NaturEner. It expanded its operations to include Judith Gap and projects to create 20 jobs in Montana.

Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) has moved its headquarters to Bozeman. The leading analytics software company, which helps businesses in more than 90 countries, expects to create more than 10 jobs in Montana.

GlassyBaby, a manufacturer of high-quality candles and glassware, has expanded its operations from Washington State to Livingston, Montana. GlassyBaby can employ up to 140 workers in Montana.

Hyundai Motor Company, the global automobile manufacturer, announced its new research and development center in Bozeman in May 2022. Hyundai is investing an estimated $20 million in the new headquarters and expects to create more than 50 jobs in Montana.

The industry provides customizable workspaces for long-term tenants. The company has expanded its operations from Colorado to Bozeman and projects to create 10 jobs in Montana.

Melcher Manufacturing, which manufactures high-quality composite ramps for the transportation and trucking industries, has relocated from Washington state to Helena and expects to create seven jobs in Montana.

NextEra Energy Resources, LLC, which provides clean energy throughout much of North America, has expanded its operations from Texas to Rosebud, Custer and Carter counties. The company expects to create 300 jobs in Montana.

Snowflake, Inc., a global cloud data analytics company, has moved from California to Bozeman and is expected to bring 20 jobs to Montana.

Sostena provides agricultural technology solutions, providing customers, including family farmers, with technology solutions to help farmers increase their efficiency while reducing costs. Sostena is based in Missoula and expects to create 40 jobs in Montana.

Sustainable Oils, the world’s leading developer of camelina, has moved its North American headquarters from California to Great Falls in 2022, and plans to create 15 jobs in Montana.

Tonix Pharmaceuticals will support phase III and commercial manufacturing of live virus vaccines. Tonix has expanded its operations to Hamilton and plans to create 120 jobs in Montana.

Vista Outdoor designs, manufactures and markets consumer products in the outdoor sports and recreation markets in the United States and internationally. Vista has expanded its operations from Minnesota to Bozeman, will locate one of its headquarters in Bozeman, and expects to create 25 jobs in Montana.


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