How supplier partnerships save time while increasing profits

As a deal business owner, your vendor relationships have a direct impact on your customer relationships. Timely delivery of parts and materials is critical to keeping installations and repairs on schedule while providing value to your customers. Strong vendor relationship management with trusted manufacturers and vetted service providers allows you to streamline your operations, improve customer experiences and move your business forward.

The Nexstar Network has more than thirty years of experience helping top merchants become top business owners, and our Strategic Partner Program is a key component of our members’ success. Here are three key ways contractors can build stronger relationships with vendors.

1. Forming strategic partnerships

Using strategic partners can be a game-changer for many home service contractors. For example, at Nexstar, we match the best sellers with the best contractors to create new opportunities. These partnerships include a wide range of products and services across four main categories: manufacturing, distribution, marketing and software.

When searching for partners for your home services business, target relationships that offer more than just the benefits of your typical buyer group. Choose vendors that are thoroughly vetted and dedicated to taking care of you, your team, and your customers. The right partnerships can give your business a competitive advantage through discounts, rebates, visibility, and more.

2. Look for streamlined vendor processes

Connect with strategic partners who offer a diverse product range and competitive pricing while maintaining a streamlined ordering process. Remember, consistency in everything from product quality to communication is key in managing vendor relationships. Streamlined vendor processes allow you to stay focused on providing quality solutions to your customers in a timely manner. In other words, the fewer hurdles you and your team have to jump through, the better.

3. Unlock savings with preferred status

Gaining preferred status with vendors can help your business succeed in several ways. New or cutting-edge products that may not have been available for you to offer to customers may become available when you have a preferred status. Discounts – whether in terms of volume or product – may become yours to offer customers as well. Through your relationship with trusted vendors, you will be able to provide greater value to your customers while strengthening your links with key vendors.

Take advantage of our connections

In addition to providing proven business training, the Nexstar Network offers a Strategic Partner Program to strengthen vendor relationships and streamline operations for member-owned businesses. This program saves Nexstar members time and money on services, products and equipment. More than 60% of Nexstar members pay their dues with rebates earned through the program. Nexstar network members enjoy exclusive discounts and rebates, increasing your combined purchasing power to save time and increase profits. We ensure that our partners adhere to the highest standards, guided by the Nexstar Code of Ethics.

Contact us today to learn more about the member-owned Nexstar network.

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