Identify the different types of submarine cables and their use

Different types of marine cables and shipbuilding cables are specially designed to withstand harsh environment such as salt water corrosion, mechanical stress and potential fire hazards. Therefore, the selection of high-performance submarine cables is crucial to ensuring uninterrupted electrical service and protecting the ship and its crew.

Safety of electrical systems on board ships

In this article, we want to delve into the importance of on-board cables and their improved performance and introduce TOP CABLE’s TOXFREE MARINE┬« cables as a premium alternative to your marine cable supplies. Additionally, we address the most frequently asked questions about onboard cabling to provide a complete overview of their selection, installation and maintenance.

By choosing the right types of submarine cables, industry professionals can ensure optimal performance, safety and longevity of shipboard electrical systems.

Types of submarine cables

Submarine and shipbuilding cables can be classified into three specialized categories, each tailored to specific applications and requirements.

Marine power cables are responsible for transmitting electrical power throughout the ship, powering everything from propulsion systems to lighting fixtures. Submarine control cables serve as communication channels for remote control and monitoring systems, facilitating precise maneuvering and efficient operations. Marine instrument cables, the precision instruments of the nautical world, are tasked with providing accurate measurements and data from critical systems such as navigation and engine monitoring, ensuring the safe and smooth operation of the vessel.

Top Cable’s portfolio for marine applications includes a full range of power, control and instrumentation cables.

IEC 60092-353 standard submarine cable series

To ensure maximum reliability and safety, submarine cables undergo stringent testing and certification processes. These cables undergo electrical, mechanical and environmental testing, and are thoroughly inspected to ensure they meet industry standards and specifications.

The International Electromechanical Commission (IEC) stands out as the global reference for submarine cable manufacturing and use. The IEC 60092 series submarine cable standard provides a comprehensive framework for the design, construction, testing and performance of submarine cables:

IEC 60092 series: Electrical installations on board ships and offshore platforms, fixed and mobile IEC 60092-350: General design IEC 60092-376: Design of instrument cables IEC 60092-353: Design of low voltage cables

By adhering to this strict standard, manufacturers can ensure that their cables meet the highest levels of quality.

TOP CABLE, a global supplier of all kinds of submarine cables

Top Cable is a global supplier of various types of submarine cables. All Top Cable marine range are manufactured according to the IEC 60092 series of standards and are certified by the main international agencies: American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Bureau Veritas (BV), Det Norske Veritas, Germanischer Lloyd Maritime (DNV GL) and Lloyd’s Register Marine (LR). .

We have a complete range of low voltage power, control, instrumentation and submarine cables, available in armored and non-armored versions and also according to fire performance: flame retardant, fire retardant and fire resistant.

TOP CABLE TOXFREE® marine cable range is the best solution for commercial ships, cruise ships, feeder ships, bulk bulwarks, tankers, drilling ships, floating vessels, etc. For more information about our range of submarine cables, contact us today.

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