SENTRON ECPD from Siemens: an innovative circuit protection device

SENTRON ECPD from Siemens: an innovative circuit protection device

Siemens has recently introduced what it claims is one of the world’s most innovative circuit protection devices. Here we learn more about the SENTRON ECPD.

Using advanced electronic switching technology, the SENTRON ECPD (Electronic Circuit Protection Device) electronically turns off circuit faults in the event of faults and, if necessary, trips the mechanical insulating contact downstream. Until now, disconnections were handled only by electromechanical elements.

SENTRON ECPD enables completely new approaches to electrical planning, increasing safety and flexibility and providing huge space and energy savings compared to traditional solutions. Its features and benefits include:

1. Multifunctional

The SENTRON ECPD intelligent device provides additional functions in a single compact design, saving space and costs. The function set can be customized as needed with new functions that can be easily activated on the SENTRON ECPD device without the need to purchase a new device and adapt it functionally to the circuit.

The unit can be modified as needed and is perfectly adapted to the application requirements, in terms of rated current, tripping limits or behaviour. These characteristics provide major planning and cost advantages.

For example, circuits can be designed simply based on the loads’ rated current rather than the significantly higher inrush current peaks that occur briefly with certain types of loads, such as LEDs.

This reduces complexity as well as planning and installation efforts and the provision of materials such as copper.

2. Ultra fast

In the event of a short circuit, SENTRON ECPD is claimed to disconnect up to a thousand times faster than conventional circuit breakers, reducing the short circuit energy.

The product also provides corrosion-free replacement, which increases the service life of the systems and reduces maintenance and repair costs. In addition, the integrated periodic self-test (including integrated RCD function) takes safety to a whole new level.

3. Reduce operating costs and downtime

SENTRON ECPD provides complete transparency regarding power consumption in the final circuit through wireless communication with SENTRON Powercenter 1000 and 3000 gateways. This allows measurements to be made to improve systems and processes, which in turn allows for effective reductions in energy and operating costs.

Uniquely, detailed monitoring of application status is possible at the downstream circuit level, significantly increasing availability and operational reliability.

The large volume of measurement data allows detection of irregularities and deviations and creates a reliable planning basis for preventive maintenance. The module can be easily integrated into higher-level systems using the open Modbus TCP standard.

SENTRON ECPD enables remote diagnostics and remote switching during normal operation as well as in the event of a fault. This offers significant benefits, especially for remote applications without direct on-site support. In addition, faults are easier to locate and identify by distinguishing the cause of the fault.

4. Sustainable

SENTRON ECPD combines multiple product functions in one device, which is 90% lighter than conventional devices and requires up to 80% less space in the distribution board, eliminating the need for costly structural procedures.

“With this product launch, it is now possible to leverage many functions in a single product and activate them according to the individual application requirements or adapt them if necessary. All this, combined with solid-state switching technology, enables fast switching of up to 1,000 times without wear,” said Andreas Matte, CEO of Siemens Intelligent Infrastructure Electrical Products.

Visit the Siemens ECPD product information page here.

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