PAT Testing Made Simple: Martindale Electric’s HPAT500/2 Compact Tester

PAT Testing Made Simple: Martindale Electric's HPAT500/2 Compact Tester

The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 require that electrical equipment that could cause injury must be maintained in a safe condition. The compact HPAT500/2 ‘HandyPAT’ from Martindale Electric is the ideal device for anyone who needs to ensure that electrical equipment is safe to use.

With its one-button test selection and backlit display, the HPAT500/2 is extremely easy to use. Pressing a single button activates a full Class I or II test or conductivity test without any additional user interaction, unless a fault is encountered. Users can quickly perform a 500V insulation test, and the device allows you to easily switch between two different test voltages of 250V and 500V. This is particularly useful when testing devices with surge-protected circuits, such as sensitive IT equipment that requires 250V testing.

The tester comes with rechargeable batteries and a mains charger for a low cost of ownership and can be used even while recharging to ensure the device never stops working. Its lightweight and portable design makes it ideal for testing in all locations whether under a desk or on a wall mounted display.

The display features clear PASS/FAIL indicators and displays actual test values ​​on the screen. Simple wiring diagrams are permanently displayed on the case body making it easy to start testing immediately.

The HPAT500/2 comes with an extension cord adapter, a clip-on earth probe and a sturdy ‘Test & Go’ carrying case with separate accessory pocket to keep the HandyPAT protected and safe. The device complies with BS EN 61010 safety standards.

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