BLA ETECH offers free AC and DC fast chargers across India (charger + installation) for free.

An electric car charger is an essential component for any electric car owner. As the number of electric cars increases, the cost of electric car chargers also increases. However, news of receiving free AC & DC Fast Chargers are an opportunity not to be missed. Based in New Delhi Without your information PVT LTD is revolutionizing the electric vehicle charging space in India by offering Free AC and DC Fast Chargersalong with Installation services are also free.This initiative provides EV owners with a unique opportunity to reduce charging concerns and ensure easy access to charging points, making it easier than ever to keep their vehicles charged and ready to go.

The chargers are manufactured in BLA’s state-of-the-art factory and are proudly manufactured in India. The chargers range from 7 kW to 400 kWto cater to diverse charging needs and provide flexibility for all types of electric vehicles available in India. Each charger comes with a comprehensive package 5-year warranty and 24/7 supportensuring reliability and peace of mind for users. This is a limited period offer, with the chargers only available across India, making it a rare and valuable opportunity for EV owners to upgrade their charging capabilities. No cost.

Why we offer free AC and DC chargers and installation services

The reason behind BLA ETECH providing free chargers is its commitment to promoting and developing the country’s electric vehicle infrastructure. Additionally, this initiative will help businesses and infrastructure developers prepare their buildings for the adoption of electric vehicles in the future, contributing to reducing their carbon footprint and supporting a more sustainable environment.

Here are some of the key features of our free AC and DC chargers:

AC and DC fast chargers are officially certified by TUV, CE, CB, ARAI. EMI/EMC filters are installed in each charger.AC and DC chargers provide comprehensive protection against over-current, over-voltage, short circuits and surges.It includes temperature monitoring and control for optimum performance.The chargers feature a durable, water and dust resistant design.Chargers come with a 5-year warranty and 24/7 support.

The chargers ensure the safety of even the most advanced electric vehicles, and set a standard for quality that no one else can match. Everyone is invited to join the BLA ETECH team in driving the future of electric mobility.

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