Arc Flash Study: Why and When Do You Need One?

An arc flash study is critical to ensuring the safety and efficiency of electrical systems. This process evaluates the potential risks associated with arc flashes, which are dangerous explosions of electrical energy. This study protects lives and reduces costs by promoting safe work practices and reducing the risk of injuries and downtime due to accidents. […]

Electrical personal protective equipment: protection against arc flash hazards

Investing in high-quality electrical PPE, comprehensive training, and compliance with safety standards is essential to promoting a culture of safety and preventing accidents in electrical work environments. Among the various hazards electrical workers face, arc flash incidents rank high on the list of potential hazards. An arc flash is a sudden release of electrical energy […]

The new Arc Flash Awareness Day on June 7, 2024 aims to improve safety

This summer, protective apparel specialist ProGARM is leading the first-ever Arc Flash Awareness Day (AFAD) on June 7, 2024. We live and breathe arc flash, but we know from feedback and industry insights that not everyone feels confident in their knowledge of arc flash hazards and how to keep people safe. So we’re bringing together […]

Lightweight arc flash clothing – Enespro PPE

By: Adam Meza As Americans, we enjoy the open road. There’s something about feeling the vibration of the road under the tires and at our feet. There’s also the power and control of being able to stop, go or turn forward. One day on the road, at 55 mph or so, I began to wonder […]