The Nexstar Difference: Grow your business within our trusted network

Growing your home services business doesn’t have to be a solitary journey. Believe it or not, many industry leaders — those who may seem like competitors — are actually peers facing similar challenges to yours. They can become invaluable allies in achieving sustainable growth. Nexstar Network is a member-owned organization that empowers HVAC, electrical and […]

Prioritize one-on-one training and coaching to build your legacy business

Keeping your home services business going strong year after year shows how hard you work and how much you care about your business, your team, and your community. When it’s time to expand in the future, do you know the best ways to stay ahead and achieve your business goals? At Nexstar Network, we help […]

How surge protection protects your business

May 30, 2024 Find out how commercial surge protection protects your business from damage. In today’s technology-driven world, commercial real estate relies heavily on electronic systems and equipment. From computers and servers to HVAC systems and security cameras, businesses rely on a wide range of electronic devices to maintain operations and ensure the safety and […]

Why fiber optics is essential for your healthcare business

November 30, 2022 How is fiber optics essential to your healthcare business? Fiber Internet for Business is the foundation for most medical facilities and doctors’ offices. The main reason is that it provides employees with high-speed internet who need to store and transmit data securely while adhering to electronic health record requirements. Let’s explore how […]