Electrical cables in eco-friendly boxes

Top Cable’s sustainable strategic plan is reflected in the packaging of its products. Some of the cables from the company’s wide range are packaged using eco-friendly boxes. This approach helps reduce environmental impact while simplifying the storage of electrical cables due to the convenience of recyclable boxes. sustainable production Top Cable’s commitment to […]

Remee Wire & Cable announces an expanded line of Vigilance™ access control cables

For immediate publication Remee Wire & Cable announces an expanded line of Vigilance™ access control cables FL, NY – Remee Wire & Cable, a leading manufacturer of electronic wire and cable, announced the expansion of its access control cables with the addition of a series of new OSDP cables. These access control cables are now […]

Identify the different types of submarine cables and their use

Different types of marine cables and shipbuilding cables are specially designed to withstand harsh environment such as salt water corrosion, mechanical stress and potential fire hazards. Therefore, the selection of high-performance submarine cables is crucial to ensuring uninterrupted electrical service and protecting the ship and its crew. Safety of electrical systems on board […]

Busting Myths: Using Flexible Cables in Fixed Installations

In this article, originally written for IET Wiring Matters magazine, James Eade seeks to dispel some of the myths surrounding the use of flexible cables in fixed installations. The content of this article was inspired by a comment posted on the IET EngX forum which stated: “Flexible cables are not allowed in fixed installations.” This […]

High-quality data cables give self-driving vehicles their autonomy

Fully autonomous vehicles are not common on highways, but many of their underlying technologies are already changing driving habits. At the same time, their innovations are transforming logistics across industrial and agricultural landscapes. Whether they are on the road or on the job site, their independence will be impossible without fast, secure data exchange and […]

What are digital control and signal cables?

You’re wrapping up a busy day at work and getting ready to go home. When you get ready to leave the warehouse behind, you want to make sure everything is secure and ready for your return. With just a few clicks on your computer, you can access the security system application, turn on the alarm […]

Braided vs Non-braided Cables: Which to Choose?

Cables keep the digital world going, whether you’re using them to charge a smartphone, connect a computer to the Internet, or connect an entire data center. In the world of cabling, the basic choice between braided or non-braided cables will determine how well your network will work. Read on and learn what you should consider […]

Installation and maintenance of submarine cables

Submarine cable installation must be carried out by qualified and experienced personnel who are familiar with the marine environment and the specific requirements for submarine cable installation. Cables designed to withstand the harsh marine environment Submarine cable installations are carried out on fishing vessels, commercial vessels, cruise ships, yachts, feeder vessels, bulk carriers, […]

Fire performance tests for submarine cables

Fires, smoke emissions and toxic fumes can pose a real threat to life and equipment in small, enclosed environments such as commercial or cruise ships. TOXFREE® Low Smoke Halogen Free (LSHF) submarine cables are manufactured and tested to the most demanding fire requirements. The standards applied to offshore installations are based on EN […]

Comparison of CMR cables vs. CMP cables

CMR (Communication Multipurpose Cables, Riser) and CMP (Communication Multipurpose Cables, Plenum) cables are network cables used in buildings. They are CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A and CAT8 cables, which are rated for use in a building. CMP and CMR have different specifications and uses based on the environments in which they can be safely installed. What are […]