Trump’s VP wants to reuse $7,500 electric car credit for gas-powered cars

Elon Musk endorsed Donald Trump for president in 2024 over the weekend, and now some Tesla and EV enthusiasts are pointing to anti-EV legislation proposed last year by Trump’s new vice presidential pick. On Monday, Trump announced that his running mate would be Sen. J.D. Vance (R-Ohio), following Musk’s endorsement of the former president on […]

Why is Australia enjoying an electric car price war?

Some have called it the Tesla graveyard – hundreds of new electric cars parked in Melbourne Harbor, waiting for their owners. Critics say the scene is a sign that Australia’s soaring electric vehicle sales have finally hit a speed bump and are slowing down as they have in other countries. But industry experts and global […]

Nio is China’s first list of L3/L4 self-driving concept car manufacturers

Niu said the entry on the list lays the foundation for commercializing high-level self-driving capabilities. (Image credit: New) The company announced today that Nio (NYSE: NIO) has been included in the first list of vehicle companies in China that can drive vehicles with L3/L4 autonomous driving capabilities to access roads. A Nio statement said the […]

How to make your electric car run longer

More and more people are choosing electric cars as their next ride, which is great for the Earth. Electric vehicle technology and longevity continue to improve with each new model introduced, however, range anxiety for electric vehicles remains a consistent challenge. It’s not really a surprise. People have long wanted their combustion engines to run […]

Electricians and the growth of the electric car industry

Continued momentum in EV adoption rates in the United States will require robust, reliable charging infrastructure where EV drivers live, work, play, and travel. One industry sector important to the construction and reliability of that network is electricians. But are electricity companies ready to lead the charge? An electrician installs a charging station for electric […]