Who is leading the shift away from internal combustion engine cars?

Which country is leading the trend towards electric cars? Which countries are leading the transition from internal combustion engine cars to electric cars? — Mike B., Austin, Texas BYD leads sales in China, and its vehicles are starting to appear elsewhere in the world, such as the Shark pickup truck that is manufactured and sold […]

15 most influential cars of the last century

Like digital influencers, cars play an important role in everyday life. Most, if not all, cars owe their DNA to a select breed of car that defines the type. Compiling a list of fifteen of the best and most influential compounds is more complicated than you might think. Naturally, fast cars feature heavily in anyone’s […]

Gen Z Americans are more open to Chinese electric cars than you think: study

The potential presence of Chinese electric vehicles in the United States has quickly become a hot-button issue. We’ve noticed very polarized reactions to our reporting on the Beijing Auto Show. However, the difference between what someone says online, what an elected official would say behind a podium, and what people really think can often be […]