Safety Practices Every Commercial Electrician Should Follow

Safety is a need in the commercial electrical field, not just a priority. Electricians deal with a variety of hazards every day, such as equipment failure, falls, electrical shock, and burns. These hazards highlight the importance of strict safety procedures and best practices. This book emphasizes the vital safety precautions that all commercial electricians must […]

Estimating the value of commercial electricians

June 7, 2024 Discover the value of commercial electricians from CMI Lighting. The role of a commercial electrician is often underappreciated. However, these professionals are the backbone of a well-functioning, safe and efficient electrical system at your commercial property. From routine maintenance to complex installations, commercial electricians ensure your business operations run smoothly and safely. […]

$1.778 million judgment for shocking an electrician while working in a commercial building

Gallagher v. 1760 Market Associates Verdict: $1,778,000 Judgment date: October 31. Court and Case Number: CP Philadelphia No. 210202318. Judge: Carmela Jaquinto. Action Type: Premises Liability. Injuries: brachial plexus injuries. Plaintiffs’ Attorney: Jeffrey F. Lavie and Samuel I. Reich, Lavey, Bucci and Kent, Philadelphia. Plaintiffs’ experts: Nirav K. Shah, Neurosurgery, Princeton, New Jersey; Andrew C. […]