Electrical contractor completes large-scale installation of data center

After evaluating other duct options, fiberglass has proven to be beneficial due to several key factors: • Reduced Weight: The light weight made handling and installation easier, helping to reduce project costs.• Enhanced Safety: The lightweight duct reduces time spent in the trench, which helps enhance safety• Cost effectiveness: The combination of material properties and […]

High-quality data cables give self-driving vehicles their autonomy

Fully autonomous vehicles are not common on highways, but many of their underlying technologies are already changing driving habits. At the same time, their innovations are transforming logistics across industrial and agricultural landscapes. Whether they are on the road or on the job site, their independence will be impossible without fast, secure data exchange and […]

Electric two-wheeler sales data: May 2024

Bajaj Auto occupies third place in May 2024, ahead of Atheer Energy once again. The company recorded sales of 9,189 compared to 7,755 sales in April. Monthly growth is 18%, and market share is 14%. In the recently launched NSE EV index, Bajaj Auto’s weight is 7.08%, which is significant. 4) Other energy Bengaluru-based smart […]

Electricians’ wages increase in 2023 (2024 data)

In April of 2024, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that wages for electricians had increased nationwide. Additionally, demand for electricians is expected to increase faster than average as well. This is great news for the industry and anyone interested in becoming an electrician. Updated numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that in […]

How to extend data and power over long distances

NEC Class 4 fault managed power provides an economical solution for many industrial applications By Tom Valentine, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Remee Wire & Cable May 2024, Journal of Power Systems Design Review of the department’s chapters Class 1, 2, and 3 circuits are classified as remote control, signaling, and power limited circuits […]