Trump’s VP wants to reuse $7,500 electric car credit for gas-powered cars

Elon Musk endorsed Donald Trump for president in 2024 over the weekend, and now some Tesla and EV enthusiasts are pointing to anti-EV legislation proposed last year by Trump’s new vice presidential pick. On Monday, Trump announced that his running mate would be Sen. J.D. Vance (R-Ohio), following Musk’s endorsement of the former president on […]

Tesla Cybertruck Was America’s Best-Selling Electric Truck in Q2

If you’ve noticed a steady increase in the number of stainless steel trucks driving around your neighborhood, there’s a reason. Tesla has been steadily ramping up production and deliveries of the Cybertruck, and data from Kelley Blue Book (KBB) suggests it may now be the best-selling electric truck in America. We expected this. Earlier this […]

The electric BMW M3 is coming to ‘conquer all’

An electric version of the BMW M3 is in the works. The head of BMW M expects his electric sports car to outperform everything. The electric M3, potentially called the i3 M, probably won’t arrive until 2026 or 2027. Luxury automaker BMW, known for creating sports car icons, has set a performance plan for the […]

Nissan is feeling the brunt of BYD’s electric vehicle price war in China

Nissan is the latest victim of BYD’s “liberation battle” against gas-powered cars. Following BYD’s deep price cuts this year, Nissan is closing a factory in China as it struggles to keep up. As is the case for many legacy automakers, China is a critical sales market for Nissan. Nearly a third of Nissan’s global sales […]