UL Solutions Launches New Testing Protocol for Residential Battery Energy Storage Systems

UL Solutions recently announced a new testing protocol that addresses fire service organizations’ demand for improved evaluations of battery energy storage systems for residential use. Residential battery energy storage systems (BESS), typically paired with rooftop solar installations and, in some cases, wind turbines, allow homeowners to store excess solar or wind energy for use at […]

REVO Lighting launches RDL architectural downlight series –

REVO Lighting has announced the launch of the RDL series of architectural downlights. This downlight family features a variety of cutting-edge features. The RDL family of modular downlights is designed around two light engine options: one with a 20W/15W/10W IC rating – selectable and also 3-CCT selectable, and a second that is non-IC, 40W, 3-CCT […]

Kolkata-based E-Went launches Lightning electric scooter at 1.15 Lakh/- E-Vehicleinfo

Kolkata, West Bengal: Electronic gold It announced the launch of its latest high-speed electric two-wheeler, ‘LIGHTNING’ during its 2023-2024 Annual Meeting. Designed for those who crave fashion, style and performance. LIGHTNING combines sporty elegance with elegant design, promising hassle-free driving for all occasions. The standout feature of LIGHTNING is the dual portable batteries, which can […]

Ansell Lighting launches S17 catalog

Ansell Lighting, a lighting designer and manufacturer, has launched its S17 product catalog, showcasing the latest advances in installation efficiency, high-performance lighting, and comprehensive customer support. Highlights of the S17 include: AFIX: Revolutionary “Plug and Play” Connectors – Speed ​​up installation time with Ansell’s new AFIX set of four versatile connectors: AFIX Connector, AFIX IP […]