REVO Lighting launches RDL architectural downlight series –

REVO Lighting has announced the launch of the RDL series of architectural downlights. This downlight family features a variety of cutting-edge features. The RDL family of modular downlights is designed around two light engine options: one with a 20W/15W/10W IC rating – selectable and also 3-CCT selectable, and a second that is non-IC, 40W, 3-CCT […]

The long-term consequences of insufficient lighting

June 21, 2024 If your lighting is inadequate in your workplace, contact CMI Lighting to fix it. Proper lighting is a critical component of any commercial property, as it directly impacts the safety, productivity and overall well-being of its occupants. Therefore, insufficient lighting can have far-reaching consequences that go beyond mere inconvenience. The effects of […]

Ansell Lighting launches S17 catalog

Ansell Lighting, a lighting designer and manufacturer, has launched its S17 product catalog, showcasing the latest advances in installation efficiency, high-performance lighting, and comprehensive customer support. Highlights of the S17 include: AFIX: Revolutionary “Plug and Play” Connectors – Speed ​​up installation time with Ansell’s new AFIX set of four versatile connectors: AFIX Connector, AFIX IP […]

DMF Lighting Unveils M Series Multi-Head Downlighting Range –

Driver options allow dimming of up to 0.1% through individual unit head control DMF Lighting has launched the M Series Multiples, a versatile multi-head family featuring a choice of one, two or three head configurations. The 4-inch adjustable units (LED lighting engines) feature a modular design (housing, module and fixture), and allow 360-degree swivel and […]