Premier Power Inc.’s Winter Park electrician provides high quality, safe electrical installations and renovations to residential and commercial customers.

Premier Power Inc. is a leading electrical services company based in Winter Park, Florida. Serving Lake, Orange, Osceola, Seminole, and Sumter Counties, Premier Power Inc. offers a variety of electrical solutions, including emergency services, installations, repairs, and upgrades. With a team of certified electricians committed to excellence, Premier Power Inc. is committed to ensuring the […]

Maine’s new central power policy to reduce wait times

The new policy will now allow licensed electricians in Maine to disconnect or reconnect residential power meters themselves instead of a CMP employee. SCARBOROUGH, Maine – To better streamline service, Central Maine Power is now amending a policy that will allow Maine-licensed electricians to disconnect residential meters. “In those internal conversations, we found that this […]

How to extend data and power over long distances

NEC Class 4 fault managed power provides an economical solution for many industrial applications By Tom Valentine, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Remee Wire & Cable May 2024, Journal of Power Systems Design Review of the department’s chapters Class 1, 2, and 3 circuits are classified as remote control, signaling, and power limited circuits […]

Top 3 Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) of 2024

Most people can get through a power outage at home without much trouble—chances are that by the time you find the spare flashlight batteries and start the board games, the lights and TV will already be back on. But if you want to keep your home Wi-Fi and some other key electronics running in the […]

Nissan Terrano unveiled: a masterpiece of power, performance and elegance

Nissan Terrano In the bustling world of SUVs, there are few vehicles that manage to strike the perfect balance between style, performance, and affordability. Enter the Nissan Terrano, a stunning SUV that redefines the standards of automotive excellence. With its attractive design, powerful engine options, and luxury features, the Terrano stands out as a beacon […]

10 Shocking Facts About Power Strips

With your growing collection of electronics, it may seem like your home doesn’t have enough power outlets. Power strips and their more complex cousins, surge protectors, offer an easy solution: one plug in the wall, and multiple outlets for your devices. But wait! There’s more to these seemingly simple products. To start, did you know […]

The 10 best power chips in 2024

APC is so confident in the 11-port SurgeArrest that it offers a $100,000 equipment protection policy. Beyond its use in a research laboratory to protect scientific instruments, we had difficulty coming up with a list of equipment that would go with this set. Multiple layers of protection protect against power surges coming through your coaxial […]