$1.778 million judgment for shocking an electrician while working in a commercial building

Gallagher v. 1760 Market Associates Verdict: $1,778,000 Judgment date: October 31. Court and Case Number: CP Philadelphia No. 210202318. Judge: Carmela Jaquinto. Action Type: Premises Liability. Injuries: brachial plexus injuries. Plaintiffs’ Attorney: Jeffrey F. Lavie and Samuel I. Reich, Lavey, Bucci and Kent, Philadelphia. Plaintiffs’ experts: Nirav K. Shah, Neurosurgery, Princeton, New Jersey; Andrew C. […]

10 Shocking Facts About Power Strips

With your growing collection of electronics, it may seem like your home doesn’t have enough power outlets. Power strips and their more complex cousins, surge protectors, offer an easy solution: one plug in the wall, and multiple outlets for your devices. But wait! There’s more to these seemingly simple products. To start, did you know […]