Reliability is the next step on the path to adaptable smart grids

Reliability is the new standard for customer experiences, with speed being the metrics users care about most. According to 2023 Consumer Research, reliable broadband is the second most important consideration for people considering buying a home, and a study by CyLab at Carnegie Mellon University found that users want to know how their broadband will […]

Smart panels are not a smart bet.

Listen to the article 8 minutes This audio was generated automatically. Please let us know if you have any comments. Ben Hertz Shargel is the Global Head of Network Edge at Wood Mackenzie. As the electrification wave begins to sweep through homes, the idea of ​​a smart electrical panel seems like a no-brainer. The electrical […]

The emergence of smart loading boards

Among a wide range of sustainable design options, along with the installation of induction cooktops and electric vehicle chargers, the transition to a clean energy future is increasingly dependent on the electrification of the entire home. At the heart of a home’s power system is the electrical panel, which distributes the home’s electricity to various […]

Homeowner’s Guide to Smart Electrical Panels

Service panels are the control center for our home electrical systems. Their design hasn’t changed much since resettable circuit breakers replaced fuses in the mid-20th century… until now. The service panel of the future is digital, and promises to revolutionize the home electrical system. The change is necessary because of the electrification of homes, a […]