TEGAM & Design World Aerospace Ground Bond Testing Webinar

Geneva, Ohio, March 9, 2020

TEGAM is pleased to partner with Design World – the leading media source for news and coverage related to the mechanical and electrical engineering design industry – for an upcoming exciting webinar on Space-Ground Bond Testing. Adam Fleder, President of TEGAM, will speak with Miles Budemeyer, Senior Editor and Supervisor at Design World, to discuss many aspects of ground bond testing, grounding and bonding testing, and measurement tools for the aviation industry—featuring TEGAM’s bond meters and bond meter probes.

As Design World aptly explains the importance of ground bond testing for aerospace applications, “Establishing and maintaining effective ground references in aircraft structures is critical to safety and performance. Stationary and rotary aircraft are complex assemblies consisting of various electrical and mechanical components, all of which are linked to form a mechanical structure While mechanical integrity is a primary concern for aircraft manufacturers and maintenance teams, proper electrical interconnection is critical to ensuring that all control and communications systems operate reliably. This webinar will classify the types of interconnections and their effect on the airframe and demonstrate effective testing methods to verify their performance .

Why should you attend this free webinar? Along with the ultimate convenience of attending from anywhere with access to the Internet via laptop or mobile device, attendees of this webinar will learn:

Distinguish between types of ground bonds Understand how these bonds affect aircraft safety and performance Choose ground bond test instruments to meet your testing requirements

Recommended for aerospace engineers, aviation manufacturers, and aviation ground crews, the Space Ground Bond Test will be offered on Thursday, April 2, 2020 at 2 PM ET. Interested parties can learn more and register for free on this page.

Having been involved, involved and innovating in the aviation industry for years, TEGAM is pleased to provide information on our grounding and bonding tools as well as best practices on aircraft electrical safety testing procedures. Review the 109th Aircraft Electrical Linkage Test Request Note here for additional information from TEGAM on this topic.

Register for the free webinar on Space-Ground Bond Testing today. We will see you on April 2, 2020!

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