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What is EMC Design Review?

An EMC design review focuses on specific issues in EMC. It is not a comprehensive review as it does not take into account issues such as weight, power, reliability, etc.

An EMC design review can cover mechanical issues, system level issues, or circuit board issues, depending on the product. It also highlights regulatory requirements as well as various threats and constraints such as size and cost constraints and design strategies.

When is the best time to conduct a review?

In general, the best time to conduct an EMC design review is in the initial mechanical and electrical design stages. In the case of circuit boards, the best time to perform a review is when the board layout is complete and the initial artwork is ready. This is because the design at this stage is ready enough to make recommendations and flexible enough to incorporate changes.

Sometimes, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues are investigated early in the concept phase. This proves useful while addressing packaging issues such as shielding and cabling. This can also apply to circuit boards in I/O time, bus design, or connector placement.

EMC design review duration

Most of these reviews can be completed in one day or less. In fact, for a single circuit board or simple system, it only takes a few hours! It is advisable to enlist the help of a co-worker and discuss the problems together. Often, you discover unexpected problems when explaining the design to someone else.

Why do we review EMC design?

Increased costs due to failure: An EMC failure can cost your company a lot of hard-earned money. Much of the money will go toward the expense of renting debugging equipment, hiring a consultant, reworking designs and remanufacturing, and of course paying for retesting. Delay in market entry: Specialization What causes concern for a company in case of EMC failure is the delay in launching the product in the market. EMC approval is necessary before your product can be legally sold in the market, and an EMC failure may delay your entry into the market by several days to several weeks (and even by a month or two!). Generally, a delay in getting to market reduces the peak sales volume for any given product by a few percent. Depending on the nature of your product, the duration of the overall sales window is also reduced. Improve your product performance: An effective EMC design review improves the performance of your product. This leads to a lower number of returns from customers. A good EMC design review can reduce a lot of problems.

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