The 10 best power chips in 2024

APC is so confident in the 11-port SurgeArrest that it offers a $100,000 equipment protection policy. Beyond its use in a research laboratory to protect scientific instruments, we had difficulty coming up with a list of equipment that would go with this set. Multiple layers of protection protect against power surges coming through your coaxial TV cable, phone/DSL lines, and home electrical outlets. There are LEDs to indicate protection status and wiring faults in the building.

The six ports are well distributed to accommodate large power adapters, and all have sliding covers to keep out dust and debris when not in use. The heavy cord swivels 180 degrees so it can lay flat and out of the way, no matter which way it’s routed behind furniture.

Given the SurgeArrest’s size and features, we found it most useful for hardcore entertainment or PCs.

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