Why fiber optics is essential for your healthcare business

November 30, 2022

How is fiber optics essential to your healthcare business?

Fiber Internet for Business is the foundation for most medical facilities and doctors’ offices. The main reason is that it provides employees with high-speed internet who need to store and transmit data securely while adhering to electronic health record requirements. Let’s explore how important fiber optics is for your healthcare business.

Collaboration techniques

Collaboration technologies are impacting the healthcare industry. Doctors and medical sites use video conferencing and unified communications platforms to stay in touch. For example, a hospital may begin sending nurses and doctors to work remotely in another country. So, this allows them to work daylight hours in that country during the night in the home country. Overall, this is why fiber optics is so important for your healthcare business.

Manage multiple sites and navigate

Furthermore, many healthcare systems use off-site data centers to store information. Some have a central on-site data center linked to several facilities. Others store data locally but share it with other facilities. In every case, having a secure business internet is essential to facilitate a smooth workflow. Mobility is also becoming increasingly vital in clinical settings. This is because healthcare providers communicate remotely using their mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. So, when they need to access facility resources, Fiber Business Internet provides a secure connection.

Paperless records

More than ever, patient information is stored and accessed in the cloud. A large number of physician offices have implemented electronic health records as standard operating procedure. This has produced a complex network of intranets, cloud services and applications that allow practitioners to participate. Furthermore, healthcare providers must access vast information, even during critical care settings. This shows that security, speed and reliability are important, and the best solution to enable this access is business Internet via fiber optics.

As a business needs to grow or change, it’s easy to leverage and add capabilities and devices. Optical fiber is essential for your healthcare business because it can support increasingly faster speeds. They can also work with any device connected to the Internet.

Connect with Viber Plus

FiberPlus has been providing data communications solutions for over 25 years in the Mid-Atlantic region for a number of different markets. What started as a local area network cabling company has evolved into a leading provider of innovative technology solutions to improve the way our customers communicate and stay secure. Our solutions now include:

Structured Cabling (Fiber Optic, Copper and Coaxial for internal and external plant networks) Electronic Security Systems (Access Control and CCTV Solutions) Wireless Access Point Installations Public Safety DAS – Emergency Call Terminals Audio/Video Services (Intercom and Displays) Support Services Specialized Systems Services Design/build UL2050 certifications and installations for secure spaces

FiberPlus promises the communities we serve that we will continue to expand and evolve as new technology is introduced into the communications industry.

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