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Welcome back to our electrical safety blog here at Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC, where we share electrical safety and fire prevention tips for your home and business that includes Story Telling Suzie and her son Michael. In this post, Susie and Michael are decorating for Christmas and have a furry issue to deal with regarding their cat, Shadow. Keep reading to find out how they solve their dilemma and stay electrically safe and smart! “Michael, can you get me a box of Christmas decorations out of the closet? I’m just about to finish sorting things out.” “Sure mom.” Michael opened the closet and saw the large box containing the famous ornaments his mother had kept over the years and the memories came back to him. He smiled and took it out and placed it on the kitchen table. “Thank you my dear.” Susie kissed her son on the cheek. Smile again. “You’re in a good mood, Mom.” She smiled. “Yes I am. I love decoration you know, and today is no exception.” She had a twinkle in her eyes. She opened the box and started taking out the items one by one. “Mom, should we do anything differently now that we have Shadow?” I’m not sure if there are any dangers we should be aware of.” Michael looked her way with a mixture of curiosity and concern. “Well, I’m glad you’re thinking about the future, son. And yes, we need to consider whether we need to make any changes from last year. I’m open to changing things up anyway to keep it fun! She smiled. “I think these are the cords we need to pay more attention to. We don’t want Shadow chewing on them like he does with his toys. There’s a risk of electric shock and then fire from exposure to them. So, we need to keep them out of his reach.” “Well, I guess… I have an idea that might work.” He went into his room and pulled out a rubber sleeve he had from a package he bought for his bedroom. He showed it to her. “I have this rubber sleeve I bought at the hardware store. We can put it on the wire to avoid chewing problems and not create a fire hazard. It’s an extra unit from a set I got for the gaming console in my bedroom, so I thought I’d use it here too! I’m so glad I thought about getting a multi-pack so we can have it in time for Christmas! Michael smiled broadly. “That’s genius, Michael! Shadow wouldn’t be able to chew that.” “No, I don’t think so! It’s made specially for such an occasion. Michael moved his eyebrows up and down, being goofy. Susie laughed out loud. “Okay, we’ll turn out the Christmas lights to put them on the tree to start. “And Shadow will be safe, thank you.” Susie patted Michael on the back. Shadow came down into the hallway at that moment and meowed. “Hey buddy! You’ll be electrically safe this year even with the Christmas lights on!” Shadow rubbed Michael’s leg in approval. “Yes, we’ll avoid a Christmas cat disaster!” “That was very well put together!” Susie winked at Michael and scratched Shadow Behind the ears Are you decorating for the holidays and have furry friends to protect from electrical hazards? Make sure to keep electrical cords out of reach and, if necessary, cover them properly to avoid pets chewing them and do not hide them under anything flammable to avoid a fire. Holiday! Remember, if you have an electrical issue or installation at your home or business in the Grayson/Collin County area of ​​North Texas, call us at 214.697.3134 to schedule an appointment. We wish you a very happy holiday and a wonderful New Year in 2024 from Bill’s! Quality Electric, LLC.

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