My meter falls from my house: Who can fix it?

If we do a Google search for meter jacks, there is one common phrase that will appear in the search results: “My meter is falling out of my house.” Some will even Google this question: “Who can fix the meter socket that is disconnected in my house?” If you are a homeowner and a meter outlet has fallen or been torn from your home, it is time to call a licensed and insured electrician. Let us explain why an electrician should be the only professional repairing or replacing your meter socket if it is damaged, or if you are getting an electrical service upgrade.

Meter socket repair - falling from home

Meter socket repair – falling from home

What is a meter socket?

First of all, let’s explain what a meter socket is and its purpose. The meter socket on the side of your home connects electricity to the utility’s power grid. The meter socket contains the meter that measures your electricity consumption. There are different brands and types of meter sockets on the market, and your installation type is determined by the main electrical panel amperage, the type of service feed, and the type of loop (ring or non-ring).

My meter falls off my house: Who can fix it?

Some homeowners aren’t sure who is responsible for repairing their meter plugs if they strip their home (utility company or homeowner). It is the Pennsylvania homeowner’s responsibility to repair or replace the damaged meter socket containing the meter. The utility company is only responsible for the actual meter inside the meter socket that measures your electricity consumption, and will replace the meter if necessary.

A licensed and insured electrician should be the only professional to repair or replace a damaged meter socket. Electricians are familiar with NEC (National Electrical Code) safety and compliance, have the tools available to repair or replace meter bases, and have hands-on experience with everything electrical so they can perform the job accurately and efficiently.

Replace the meter socket

Replace the meter socket

Meter Socket Replacement – ​​House tear and corrosion

Signs it’s time to replace your meter socket

Sometimes it may not be as simple as cutting the meter socket from your home to determine if your meter socket needs repair or replacement. Here are some signs to look for that may indicate the meter socket needs to be replaced:

The meter socket is old and not up to NEC code. You are upgrading your main electrical panel to greater amperage. The meter socket is corroded from the inside. The meter socket is damaged. Lights periodically flicker and/or 240V appliances do not work (often this is related to something wrong with the meter socket, feeders or connection cable).

KB Electrical company to replace or repair your meter socket

KB Electric LLC receives a lot of phone calls for meter socket repair and replacement. Many of our calls start with “My meter is falling off my house” or “My meter is falling off my house.” Our fully licensed and insured electricians can handle any and all things electrical, especially repairing or replacing your meter receptacle. We serve all of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania as well as Berks, Bucks, Chester, and Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Trust our family-owned and manager-operated company for all your electrical needs. Our master electricians are just one phone call away to help you with your next electrical project. (267) 467-3178

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