Save space and solve application challenges with hybrid and proprietary cables

As industrial, medical and automated machines become smarter and more interconnected, they increasingly require a wider range of cables. These cables, including power, data, control, Ethernet, hydraulics and pneumatics, can make for a complex design — where space is often at a premium. They must also be able to withstand harsh conditions.

Combining many individual cables to meet these requirements consumes a lot of time and money. Hybrid and proprietary cables can address these challenges, extending the capabilities of standard cables while providing many additional benefits.

You can meet many needs with one space-saving hybrid cable

With hybrid and specialty cables, you can bundle multiple conductors or dielectrics into a single, space-saving enclosure specifically designed to suit operating conditions. Here are some reasons why you should consider a hybrid or specialized solution for your application:

Allow multiple functions in limited space. Hybrid cables allow you to combine multiple cable types to reduce their combined OD requirements into a single housing, saving installation space and time and helping prevent tangling. These benefits can be particularly important for control panels or other applications with complex cabling arrangements such as combining vision and control, power or adding aerodynamics, to name a few. Withstand harsh environments. Because some operating conditions may be too challenging for standard cables, you can customize special and hybrid cables with a suitable jacket or insulation to withstand, for example, extreme temperatures, rips and abrasions, washing, oils, solvents or flames. Solve application challenges. In addition to solving space constraints, special or hybrid cables may be suitable for solving connectivity limitations, meeting high-speed data needs, addressing EMI/RFI issues near motors and drives, or withstanding mechanical stresses and millions of bending cycles in automated systems. In sanitary equipment, hybrid cables reduce the number of cables subject to washing, saving cleaning time and effort. It can be equipped with an ideal jacket to resist the harmful effects of disinfectants and cleaning agents. Combine several materials to customize the cable to your needs. At SAP, we offer a wide range of connectors and packaging materials, allowing you to combine power, control, fiber optics, coaxial, signal, Ethernet, buses, hoses, pneumatics and hydraulics, as well as using reinforced jackets to help relieve stress. To fit almost any application. Reap additional benefits. Hybrid and proprietary cables reduce maintenance needs and reduce installation and labor time, increasing system uptime to help maximize efficiency and cost savings.

Partner with a resource that specializes in solving problems

When it comes to choosing hybrid or proprietary cables for your application, it’s important to work with a supplier that specializes in solving design challenges and delivering robust, reliable cables that will withstand extreme conditions.

At SAP, we can help you create custom or hybrid cable, build it to your exact specifications in our ISO-9001 certified facility and turn it around quickly. We will also test your cable in our laboratory to ensure it performs reliably over a long life. Minimum starts at 1500 feet. To get started, simply fill out the Private Telegram inquiry form.

For more information about SAB hybrid and specialty cables, download our dedicated cable brochure.

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