Comparison of CMR cables vs. CMP cables

CMR (Communication Multipurpose Cables, Riser) and CMP (Communication Multipurpose Cables, Plenum) cables are network cables used in buildings. They are CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A and CAT8 cables, which are rated for use in a building. CMP and CMR have different specifications and uses based on the environments in which they can be safely installed.

What are CM cables?

CM cables are “multi-purpose communications,” a fire-resistance rating described in Article 800 of the NEC. This communication cable standard complies with UL 1581 and CSA FT1 flame tests. It is used in standard residential settings on the same floor.

What are CMR cables?

CMR (Communications Multi-Purpose Carrier) cables are designed for use in riser applications, which typically include communications in vertical corridors within the wall between floors of a building through riser columns. These cables are designed to prevent the spread of fire from one floor to another, and are more flame resistant than regular PVC cables. However, they are not suitable for public places where air circulation can cause fires to spread more quickly.

They comply with UL 1666 and CSA FT4 standards.

CMR cables are insulated with either PVC or PE.

What are CMP cables?

On the other hand, CMP (Communication Multi-Purpose) cables are manufactured for use in public spaces or suspended ceilings of buildings. Public spaces are the parts of a building through which air circulation for heating and air conditioning systems is facilitated. These spaces often have higher levels of oxygen, which can accelerate fires. CMP cables are made of materials that emit low smoke and low toxicity when exposed to fire, so they are safer for use in these areas.

The CMP has either a low-smoke PVC or FEP jacket.

Fits full UL 910 and CSA FT6 testing. Any CAT cable can be CMR or CMP.

Key differences between CMP and CMR

CMP cables have higher fire resistance than CMR cables. CMP cables must resist combustion and not emit harmful fumes when they catch fire.
CMP cables are suitable for completed spaces due to their superior fire resistant properties, while CMR cables are used in vertical risers or other unfinished areas.
CMP cables are generally more expensive than CMR cables due to their advanced safety features.
CMP cables can be used in riser applications, but CMR cables cannot be used in plenum applications.
CMP cables are generally required in any space used to circulate air for HVAC systems, while CMR cables are limited to areas that do not handle environmental air.

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