Charged electric vehicles | Daimler Buses and BMZ Poland are cooperating in the development of e-bus batteries

Daimler Buses has partnered with lithium-ion and sodium-ion battery manufacturer BMZ Poland to develop and supply next-generation NMC4 batteries specifically for e-buses.

This cooperation combines Daimler’s experience in bus development and manufacturing with BMZ’s know-how in heavy-duty lithium-ion battery solutions. The goal is to develop batteries with higher energy density for longer range and longer cycle life. Daimler Buses expects to see benefits from NMC4 development by the middle of the decade.

“We will expand our production in Gliwice, making this the first facility of its kind in the EU built for the purpose of producing bus batteries together with a fully automatic assembly line,” said Pawel Kipski, Head of the Electric Vehicles Business Unit at BMZ Poland.

Source: Daimler Truck

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