Maine’s new central power policy to reduce wait times

The new policy will now allow licensed electricians in Maine to disconnect or reconnect residential power meters themselves instead of a CMP employee.

SCARBOROUGH, Maine – To better streamline service, Central Maine Power is now amending a policy that will allow Maine-licensed electricians to disconnect residential meters.

“In those internal conversations, we found that this was how we could provide a better experience for our customers,” said Dustin Wlodkowski, a CMP spokesman.

In the past, this could only be carried out by a CMP employee by appointment; Process electrician Shawn LaPlante of LaPlante Electric in Scarborough knows it all too well.

“It’s a little headache for sure,” LaPlante said. “Scheduling is always a difficult part for (CMP), obviously it gets cut short sometimes and there are only so many people in the trenches trying to help us…and they are doing everything they can.”

LaPlante said he’s seen scheduling stretch as long as six weeks while waiting for the meter to be disconnected.

“The couple (clients) can’t wait a few weeks, three weeks, four weeks…it’s difficult,” LaPlante added.

With the new policy, electricians will be able to notify CMP of a job through an online portal and follow a checklist of requirements to ensure the job is done correctly and safely.

After the work is completed, electricians will have to schedule an inspection with CMP within 15 days. This could actually save time and money for both his company and his clients alike, LaPlante said.

“So what was three, four, five, six weeks could be the same day or the next,” LaPlante said.

Contractors interested in learning more about this process can attend two question and answer sessions held on September 13 and 14.

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