Charged electric vehicles | Shell opens a megawatt charger for electric trucks and boats in Amsterdam

Shell has deployed a self-developed megawatt charger for dual use by both electric trucks and waterborne ships at the company’s Energy Transport Campus in Amsterdam (ETCA), a facility where the oil giant showcases its current energy technologies.

The charging station uses the Megawatt Charging System (MCS), a standard for charging heavy electric vehicles developed by CharIN. The MCS is theoretically capable of providing up to 3.75 megawatts of power, and Shell says its new charger delivers about one megawatt.

Shell’s new MCS charging station is equipped with two separate charging arms. One rotatable arm is for electric ships, and the other serves electric trucks and buses. Each charging arm also includes a CCS2 plug. Shell says the charger is ready for use, and vehicles and ships with megawatt charging capacity can visit it by appointment.

The megawatt charger is connected to ETCA’s microgrid, demonstrating the integration between energy supply, energy storage and energy demand. The ETCA microgrid includes 3,600 rooftop solar panels, stationary battery storage, 119 electric vehicle chargers, and hydrogen electrolyzers.

“We want to help decarbonize our customers in the logistics sector,” says Hilmar van den Doll, Managing Director of E-Mobility at Shell. “In addition to our investments in biofuels and LNG, we are also investing in electric mobility. There are not many electric trucks and ships yet (sic), so we are investing in this market that is growing rapidly.

“We believe this solution will be beneficial to shippers that control and manage logistics businesses across the supply chain, and often have facilities serving waterside and shoreside,” said Melissa Williams, President of Shell Marine. “The megawatt charger also provides the flexibility to charge a wide range of inland and port vessels such as barges, tug boats, service vessels and ferries.”

Source: Shell

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