Vandal attacks Elon Musk by tagging 34 Tesla Cyber ​​Trucks with profanity

Dozens of Tesla Cybertrucks were defaced in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, last week by someone who has a bone to pick with Elon Musk. An unidentified sign called “F*** Elon” was spray-painted on the stainless steel body panels of 34 Cybertrucks. Uncensored footage of explicit graffiti will be preserved forever thanks to social media users like […]

Elon Musk calls Apple devices with ChatGPT a ‘security breach’

Elon Musk described Apple devices with ChatGPT as a security breach. During Apple’s annual developer conference (WWDC), it announced the integration of Apple Intelligence and ChatGPT with iOS 18. With Apple iOS 18, Siri can use OpenAI’s ChatGPT to respond to customer requests. ChatGPT’s integration with Siri is part of Apple Intelligence, which is the […]

Tesla CEO Elon Musk reverses his stance on Chinese tariffs

Tesla CEO Elon Musk reversed his position on Chinese tariffs during a conference on Thursday. In January, Musk said measures would need to be taken so that Chinese automakers do not “tear down” global competitors. Now, the Biden administration is imposing tariffs to prioritize American manufacturing, and Musk believes it’s the wrong move to make, […]