Identify the different types of submarine cables and their use

Different types of marine cables and shipbuilding cables are specially designed to withstand harsh environment such as salt water corrosion, mechanical stress and potential fire hazards. Therefore, the selection of high-performance submarine cables is crucial to ensuring uninterrupted electrical service and protecting the ship and its crew. Safety of electrical systems on board […]

Installation and maintenance of submarine cables

Submarine cable installation must be carried out by qualified and experienced personnel who are familiar with the marine environment and the specific requirements for submarine cable installation. Cables designed to withstand the harsh marine environment Submarine cable installations are carried out on fishing vessels, commercial vessels, cruise ships, yachts, feeder vessels, bulk carriers, […]

Fire performance tests for submarine cables

Fires, smoke emissions and toxic fumes can pose a real threat to life and equipment in small, enclosed environments such as commercial or cruise ships. TOXFREE┬« Low Smoke Halogen Free (LSHF) submarine cables are manufactured and tested to the most demanding fire requirements. The standards applied to offshore installations are based on EN […]