Is Summer a Good Time for Commercial Electrical Maintenance? : NEREJ

Brian LeBorgne The answer is yes! While January officially marks the start of a new year, many businesses look to September as a fresh start. This makes summer an ideal time for commercial property owners to schedule long-term electrical maintenance projects. During the summer months, buildings are less crowded, which reduces the inconvenience to tenants. […]

How supplier partnerships save time while increasing profits

As a deal business owner, your vendor relationships have a direct impact on your customer relationships. Timely delivery of parts and materials is critical to keeping installations and repairs on schedule while providing value to your customers. Strong vendor relationship management with trusted manufacturers and vetted service providers allows you to streamline your operations, improve […]

Why are RCD sockets still popular? | Time keeper

Why are RCD sockets still popular? Andy Douglas, MD at Timeguard, offers his thoughts. The 18th Edition gives us detailed information on the different types of RCDs. These regulations apply to the design and verification of electrical installations as well as any addition and/or change to existing installations of sockets rated to a maximum of […]