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When people call Hunter Electric Inc. Looking for residential or commercial electrical services, owner Bill Hunter answers the phone.

“I always answer when someone calls me, even after business hours. I’m available 24/7/365,” Bill said.

Bill, who opened Hunter Electric Inc. in 2013, has 27 years of experience working as an electrician.

“When I was a teenager, my friend’s father was an electrician. I started working for him during summer and spring breaks,” he said, adding that he was hired by the company after he graduated.

Hunter Electric Inc. offers Residential and commercial electrician services throughout the Ventura County area.

From electrical repairs and panel upgrades to electrical wiring, circuit breakers and lighting services, Bill and his team of knowledgeable and professional staff can handle it.

“We are also the only electrician in Ventura County Independent Schools, and we recently did a major project at Ventura Toyota where we upgraded and modernized

The entire agency.”

No matter what type of electrical service customers need, or how large or small the project is, they can rest assured that they will receive exceptional service done right the first time.

“We only use commercial materials. I’m not a minimum code guy. There are other companies that will meet minimum code requirements, but that’s not me,” Bell said.

“Also, when we do projects, we think about the future. For example, with the channel running, we will run it too much. This makes it easier for us now, and easier for the client later.

While clients will note the quality of work and attention to detail, Bill also added, “We have a high level of cleanliness when the work is done,” adding that many Yelp reviews mentioned his company’s dedication to leaving the job site spotlessly clean.

“When we leave, you can’t tell we were there.”

Just as Bill always answers the phone, his clients will also be able to meet him in person.

“You’ll always deal with me. I don’t just send my men to work. I’m always engaged.”

Bill said he is blessed and humbled by the large number of repeat clients he works with, as well as the many referrals.

“We often get a lot of great reviews on Yelp from the same people,” he said. One customer left positive reviews on the Nextdoor app about his business, and he got a few hundred jobs from one review.

Looking back, Bill said he is thrilled with his decision to open Hunter Electric Inc., working with a talented team of people who share his dedication to customer service.

“I treat my employees like family. I slowly teach them everything I know, and invite them to barbecues.”

“It’s really like a close family.”

Bill also enjoys using his skills as an electrician to give back to the community whenever he can, and occasionally perform a service to help someone in need.

“I hope someone else does this for my parents or grandparents. I try to give back when I can,” Bell said.

“I just love helping people.”

For more information about Hunter Electric Inc., call 805-509-8323 or visit

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