Meet Trevor with EC&M’s Everyday Electrician

Trevor Oatman is an electrical contractor based in southeastern Nebraska. After graduating from Rockport High School, Rockport, Missouri, in 2006, he enrolled at Southeastern Community College in Milford, Nebraska, to learn the electrical trade. After graduating from Milford in 2008, he joined Progressive Electric in Lincoln, Nebraska, where he worked from 2009 to 2018. While working full-time at Progressive, he began doing contract work in 2016, launching 3/0 Electric as a side business . From 2018-2022, he joined Capitol City Electric in Lincoln, Nebraska, where he joined Local 265 Union. In November 2022, he took the plunge as a small business owner and began working full-time at 3/0 Electric with his wife, Jamie. At 3/0 Electric, he focuses mostly on commercial and industrial jobs as well as agricultural electrical work. He has held an electrical contractor’s license in Nebraska since 2012. He has also been a firefighter with the Bennett Rural Fire District since 2021 and a Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician (NREMT) since June 2023. Trevor lives with his wife and daughter in Bennett, Neb.

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