The Proteus 3, 4-pole RCBO provides important protection for a new range of electric vehicle chargers

The Proteus 3, 4-pole RCBO provides important protection for a new range of electric vehicle chargers

In this case study article, we learn more about how the Proteus 3, 4 Pole RCBO module provides important protection for the latest range of electric vehicle chargers.

Simpson & Partners (S&P), the Cotswold-based manufacturer of electric vehicle chargers, has integrated the Proteus 3 unit, 4-pole RCBOs into its new range of chargers. This ensures that the new range has the correct protection and continues the stylish look offered by the S&P Home Charging range.

In the evolving landscape of electric vehicle charging, Simpson & Partners looked to its design background and local environment to uncover a gap in the charger market. In 2021, the company launched its home charging range, which revolutionized the market.

Not only does it meet all charging and protection requirements, but its packaging is designed to stand out from the crowd, complete with modern architectural design and colors.

When looking to expand its range and provide an aesthetically appealing business charger, S&P had to ensure safety and reliability came first.

Additionally, to maintain its brand, the company also wanted to continue the modern, streamlined look of the home charger. Therefore, it was necessary to choose circuit protection devices that were efficiently designed to handle the unique requirements of EV charging.

Compatibility with modern chargers

To address this challenge, S&P’s R&D team decided to incorporate the award-winning Proteus 3 Module 4 Pole RCBO modules, known for their innovative design and compatibility with modern charging infrastructure.

These devices switch 3 phases and neutral in a compact 3 unit device. Working closely with the Proteus technical team, the devices inside the charger are designed to provide electrical protection and protect personnel in accordance with the latest electrical regulations.

The 3-unit, 4-pole RCBOs are perfectly integrated into the charging system, ensuring optimal performance and protection against electrical faults.

This innovation not only enhances the safety of the new business chargers, but also leaves room for the installation of an additional MCB board to power the integrated network module, allowing the ability to connect a serial Ethernet network between stand-alone units.

Through the use of the Proteus 3, 4 Pole RCBO Module, S&P continues to successfully incorporate a unique approach to its EV charger design into its latest product portfolio. As a result, it has enhanced its offerings while ensuring optimum safety for customers.

“In our quest for innovation at S&P, space constraints led us to explore Proteus 3 RCBOs, enabling horizontal positioning and addressing thermal concerns,” said Chas Beacham, COO of Simpson & Partners. “With our commitment to cutting-edge protection, we will continue to collaborate with Proteus to come up with state-of-the-art Solutions.

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