PAT Testing Made Simple: Martindale Electric’s HPAT500/2 Compact Tester

The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 require that electrical equipment that could cause injury must be maintained in a safe condition. The compact HPAT500/2 ‘HandyPAT’ from Martindale Electric is the ideal device for anyone who needs to ensure that electrical equipment is safe to use. With its one-button test selection and backlit display, the HPAT500/2 […]

UL Solutions Launches New Testing Protocol for Residential Battery Energy Storage Systems

UL Solutions recently announced a new testing protocol that addresses fire service organizations’ demand for improved evaluations of battery energy storage systems for residential use. Residential battery energy storage systems (BESS), typically paired with rooftop solar installations and, in some cases, wind turbines, allow homeowners to store excess solar or wind energy for use at […]

EMC Design Review – EMC Testing

What is EMC Design Review? An EMC design review focuses on specific issues in EMC. It is not a comprehensive review as it does not take into account issues such as weight, power, reliability, etc. An EMC design review can cover mechanical issues, system level issues, or circuit board issues, depending on the product. It […]

TEGAM & Design World Aerospace Ground Bond Testing Webinar

Geneva, Ohio, March 9, 2020 TEGAM is pleased to partner with Design World – the leading media source for news and coverage related to the mechanical and electrical engineering design industry – for an upcoming exciting webinar on Space-Ground Bond Testing. Adam Fleder, President of TEGAM, will speak with Miles Budemeyer, Senior Editor and Supervisor […]